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Imagine Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid on surfboards.

Derrick Goins was critically injured in a surfing competition. The accident crushed his body and his dreams. Being gifted with charm and undeterred confidence, Derrick uses his good looks to climb the social ladder. His best friend and confidante, Smoky Lawson, has become an inventor. He now knows how to move things without touching them.

The two surf dudes combine their skills to seduce, swindle and steal. Each plays an intricate part in a string of heists that bring them new hope of wealth and freedom. Penelope Foster enters the picture. She is living the pro‐surfing dream and falls in love with Smoky. The trio battle a powerful madman in a mini‐skirt. He is Ray Richer and head of the Richer Corporation.

Ray forces Derrick and Smoky into a desperate face‐to‐face showdown. The surf studs must rely on more than good looks to get out alive.

Derrick and Smoky